How Far Away Are We from Matrix-Style Virtual Reality?

After years of hits and misses, virtual reality seems like it’s on the verge of really taking off. Granted, this observation may be way off base. Some big companies are working on VR, and Sony’s VR headset seems to be a pretty big hit, but it’s not at the point where tens of millions of people are using it.

That said, the available VR options are impressive. Just the fact that there is a headset that matches your head’s movement with what you’re seeing is an incredible achievement of technology.

Yet there’s a huge difference between current VR technology and the fully immersive experience we see in The Matrix or Ready Player One. In The Matrix, your body is plugged into the machine in such a way that virtual reality is no different than reality. Ready Player One doesn’t go that far, but it’s still pretty close.

For me, virtual reality becomes truly exciting when it’s a fully immersive experience. No controllers (I want to use my hands), no visual difference from reality, no limits to movement, no inhibiting of senses.

Are we 10 years away from that? 50? 100? More?