Confession #16: A Loaded Question

Confession #16: A Loaded Question

Today I experienced a first on A 62-year-old woman from Montana e-mailed me with the following message: I just sent a reply to a gentleman in LasVegas and when I hit the send button, your profile was displayed in the “others like so & so”….and I just had to make a comment. WHAT on […]

The 3 Things You’d Change About Your College Experience If You Had a Time Machine

The 3 Things You'd Change About Your College Experience If You Had a Time Machine

Knowing what you know now about the real world and college and yourself, what are three things you would do differently if you could redo your undergraduate years of college? My three: I would take only the classes that really interested me. I’m glad I went to Wash U. It’s a great school, the quality […]

18 First Dates

18 First Dates

After dating two women back to back for a total of 5 years, I needed a break. I was intentionally single for about 5 months (for the most part), and I stayed single for a while after that. But I wanted to be more open to meeting women again, and I felt that my heart […]

Confession #15: Whining About Wine

Confession #15: Whining About Wine

I love the idea of drinking wine. I love swishing it around in the glass (I’m a stemless kind of guy). I love smelling it, listening to it, tasting it. I love all the pretense around wine. It’s like a prop for overacting. The more you pretend to know about wine, the more fun it […]

Confession #14: The Least Spontaneous Person

Confession #14: The Least Spontaneous Person

Sometimes I think I’m the least spontaneous person in the world. I’ve already written about how I use Outlook to plan my life. I plan ahead for meals, for friendships, for alone time and social time. Time is the key–I’m incredibly intentional about my time. Because of this intentionality, I miss out on things. If […]

One-Way Streets

One-Way Streets

Note to anyone who might possibly think I’m talking about you: I’m not talking about you. Tonight I was on my way to a publishing company meeting when I turned onto a one-way street and realized I was driving in the wrong direction. At first I froze, but then I was like, “What’s the worst […]

A Brief History of Breakups

A Brief History of Breakups

I’ve had an idea for a blog entry for a while called, “The Break Up: How to Get Out of Concerts and Relationships.” This item has sat on my blog idea list for months now and I haven’t written it, so that says to me that I’m not all that interested in writing about it. […]

Confession #13: The Freeze

Confession #13: The Freeze

Over the last six months, I’ve done some typical single guy things like going to bars and Vegas. Not a lot, but a few times. In doing so, I’ve learned something about myself: I freeze up at bars. I should say that my ideal bar experience is one where I go with a group of […]

Confession #12: My Time Is My Heaven

Confession #12: My Time Is My Heaven

I had a unique weekend. I got home from work (followed by a trip to the grocery store) around 7:00 on Friday. I didn’t leave my condo for the next 44 hours. It was lovely. No, I’m not turning into a hermit. I just have some busy weekends coming up, so I committed to a […]

Vegas #4: The Things I Shouldn’t Tell You

Vegas #4: The Things I Shouldn't Tell You

I went to Vegas this past weekend expecting a relatively calm weekend. I’m not a partier; I like to drink, but I generally avoid the crowds at clubs and crazy bars. I guess strip clubs are an option in Vegas, but again, not really my thing. I did, however, discover something that I didn’t know […]

What I Want…the Little Things

What I Want...the Little Things

A while back, I posted my most commented and controversial post ever, What Men Want…Rather, What I Want (the play adaption is coming to Broadway in May 2011). The post involved very specific dealbreaker-type requirements for the type of woman I want. On occasion since that fateful day, I’ve thought of little attributes for a […]

Oprah Isn’t Always Right

Oprah Isn't Always Right

Traditionally, Catholics give up something for Lent. I work at a Newman Center, so I’m privy to the various sacrifices people make. Most involve something like candy; something that’s somewhat hard to give up and that can be gorged on as soon as Lent is over. My personal take on Lent is that I like […]

Confession #11: The Missed Kiss

My senior year at Wash U, I started to get to know a girl who had a long-distance boyfriend. Let’s call her Marsha. Marsha had been dating this guy for many years. He was her first and only everything. That had long been planning to finally live in the same city after college and get […]

Confession #10: The Smelling Circle

Okay, this is going to be a little weird. I have a fairly sensitive nose. Good smells (popcorn, Angel perfume, campfires, etc.) have a powerful effect on me. Bad smells (body odor, mildew, other people’s farts, Cheetos, etc.) have a profoundly negative impact on me. I love how women smell. You all are delicious. I’m […]

Confession #9: The Wandering Eye

(Warning: This confession will make me look like a huge jerk. If you currently don’t think I’m a jerk and would like to continue to think that, stop reading this.) One of the biggest struggles I’ve had while dating is the persistent wonder that there’s someone better for me out there. “Better for me” is […]

The Brothers Stegmaier

As a birthday treat, I asked my brother and sister to roast me on this blog. I knew their words would make me laugh, but I didn’t expect they’d move me the way they did. Thanks, Emily and Andrew. You’re the best. As a birthday “gift” to Jamey, Emily and I (Andrew) have agreed to […]

My Greatest Fear #3

We got a few inches of light powder in St. Louis last night, so this morning I had to brush the snow off my car. This happens a few times every year, and it ices over a few other times. I always turn on the car before I start brushing/scraping. Here’s where my third greatest […]

A Single Guy's Thoughts on Marriage

In addition to the entry below (check out the slideshow!) I wrote an entry over on Harley May’s blog today about marriage. Check it out. It’s a confession. A big one.

Confession #8

I am intentionally single. For those of you who have been reading my confessions, this revelation may come as no surprise. But I want to talk about it today in the context of the movie Up in the Air (for which there will be no spoilers). The movie is about many things, but one major […]

Confession #7

I lived with a girlfriend for about a year and a half. For the most part, it was very, very easy. I’m not quite sure what types of quibbles other couples have when they live with one another, but C and I simply didn’t have them. We lived together really well. Having two bathrooms certainly […]

Confession #6

Confession #6

I don’t eat at parties. Nor receptions, nor happy hours, nor cocktails, nor house parties. I don’t eat at them. This may not seem like that big of a confession, but let me let you in on the weirdness: Tonight a few coworkers hosted a surprise party for an intern who is leaving. I made […]

Confession #5

I know that I could have a gambling problem. The only reason I don’t have a big problem is that I’m aware of the danger of this aspect of my personality. My senior year of college, a few friends and I went to the casinos a few times (casinos are allowed in St. Louis if […]

Confession #4

Don’t ever pull me up on stage. I’m guessing that it’s not really a “confession” that I don’t like public speaking. That’s pretty common. I’m pretty extreme in those regards…I even get nervous before walking in front of the congregation at church to receive Communion (a time when literally no one is paying attention to […]

Confession #3

I have been the recipient of a successful atomic wedgie. It was my sophomore year in high school. I was a starter on my school’s soccer team back then, and we had just finished one of our many away games.  The night had been almost perfect for me—the crisp night air, the perfectly manicured grass, […]