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Good to see you here. I hope clicking that link wasn’t too hard. Before you do anything else, scroll down to the bottom of this page until you see the words “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom).” After a few more clicks (hit “subscribe to feed” and then subscribe again), this will add my blog to your feeds (essentially, favorites that tell you when there’s new information [I don’t presume to think that my blog is your favorite place to go, but I appreciate the sentiment. Really, there should be varying levels of “favorites” menus, like an “interesting on a slow day” menu or a “morbidly curious” menu]). Now, if you have the latest version of Internet Explorer (the one with the tabs), you’ll see a yellow star somewhere in the upper right of your IE screen. Click on it and select the “Feeds” tab. If the name for my blog is bold, you know I’ve written something new.

There you have it. No more refreshing 20 times a day to see if I’ve written a new diatribe about The Wire. Your feed will tell you when there’s new material.

Why the Switch?

I don’t believe in buying or supporting products that I don’t like. I haven’t purchased a Nike product since I heard about the sweat shops. I don’t shop at Costco or Walmart because of the low wages and poor benefits the employees have. I wear cotton boxers because they don’t give me wedgies.

LiveJournal was giving me a wedgie.

I started off using it because my other friends were. But my friends do lots of things that I think are dumb. Many of them eat at Subway, for example. Nonetheless, LiveJournal was where my other friends were blogging, so I blogged there.

The problem is, as far as I can tell, LiveJournal sucks compared to the Google blog. The LJ pages are pockmarked with ads, while the GB pages are as clear as Bonds’ steroids. LJ pages are slow to load; GB pages load quicker than a really fast famous person. LJ doesn’t autosave entries or comments while you type, causing much consternation for all parties (after a while, I started typing my blog on Word and copying/pasting it so I couldn’t lose the text). GB does.

I’m sure I’ll discover more reasons as I use GB. Maybe I’ll even discover some bad stuff too. But for now, I’m happy with the switch.

No More Irruminations?

As I discussed in a recent entry, there’s already an Irruminations on GB. I can’t fathom how someone else would think of that word, since it’s completely made up, but apparently I’m on the same wavelength as retired Filipino actresses. Awesome.

I thought of a few other blog names, like (after the position at which my hands rest on the steering wheel when I drive) or (after the way I look when Caroline gets out of bed before me in the morning), but they didn’t feel right. Nor did Irruminibbles. But one name fit the bill. It happens to be the name of my novel: Truth Against the World.

I won’t go into the origins of this phrase, as it goes way back, but in short, it was Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal motto. I really like the sound of it. If you don’t, no matter. The Truth Hurts.

(Sweet! Now I have a tagline too.)

I would have used, but that’s taken too. So I stuck with my own name (sidenote: because I’m not blogging anonymously, my contract with the Catholic Church says that I can’t post anything anti-Catholic in a public forum. So if you identify any anti-Catholic ideas in my blog, let me know so I can redact it. Seriously. I like my job).

In Conclusion…

That’s pretty much it for now. No real content today, but I’m supposed to go to a bowling alley called “Flamingo Alley.” I really hope it’s not as flamboyant as it sounds. If you’re all lucky, maybe you’ll get a slightly drunken post later tonight. But more likely I’ll be posting a lot of stuff over the next week. I’ve accumulated quite a few notes, ideas (including the best idea ever), complaints, lists, Vault entries, and stories over the last week and a half, so I have a lot to write about. See you soon.

(Endnote: I just posted this entry, and it looks really long! That’s a problem, because I know us Americans have short attention spans. Maybe I’ll cater to our collective ADD and make the paragraphs shorter. Or find a way to widen the column. Or be less verbose.)

(Second Endnote: Just so I can immortalize the old blog, the address is

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  1. Surely the loss of “Irruminations” outweighs your happiness with Google’s format?

    Anyway, I agree with you about the ads on LiveJournal. But their pages load fine and they autosave my posts. Maybe you should use Mozilla instead of Explorer. One drawback for those of us that want to comment on this blog is that there is a verification process to it, which means you might not have so many people respond to your posts.

  2. Good point. You know I love comments. However, I think if you have a LiveJournal account, you can use it as an OpenID on Blogspot. Do you have to go through a long verification process every time you want to comment?

    Congrats on making the first post on the new blog, by the way. Much appreciated.


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