Lost: 1, My Mind: Blown

(Warning: As usual on Thursdays, if you haven’t watched Lost, don’t read this.) Okay, so we’ve had five episodes of Lost this season. Two have been mediocre, if not boring, and three have been mind-blowing (literally, tonight, as was Minkowski’s fate). 3 for 5 ain’t bad. Lost is batting .600 for the season. Almost purely … Read more

Seven: The Movie, and America

I watched the movie Seven the other day for maybe the second or third time. It’s been a while, though, and I had forgotten what a good movie it was. I’ll admit that I feel odd writing that, since it’s a movie about a serial killer. I think perhaps what’s so enrapturing about it is … Read more

I Own That Guy’s Arm

This entry could be called “The Future of Investing,” since I seem to be on a “future” theme lately, but the above title is catchier. I had an idea the other day while reading this article. The article discusses a minor league baseball player named Randy Newsom who is selling shares of himself. More specifically, … Read more

The Future of Electronic Conversations: The Solution

The vase majority of blogs have comments at the end of the entry, making them seem like an afterthought. They’re not an afterthought—they’re just as important as the entry! Thankfully, someone realized this. That someone is an organization called the Institute for the Future of the Book. The Institute invented a new blog format, a … Read more

Security Device Enclosed

While unwrapping a new DVD tonight (I know, obsolete format, I’m so 2003), I noticed the “Security Device Enclosed” notice on the package. I’ve seen this hundreds of times and never thought twice about it, and yet I’ve never actually encountered the security device. I’m sure it’s some magnetic transmitter or something, but what if … Read more


(Warning: If you have not watched the February 21 episode of Lost, stop reading now.) Hm. I’m not sure I’m totally satisfied with tonight’s episode…it wasn’t as strong as the last two, but it was definitely a necessary evil. We needed to know why Kate wasn’t a fugitive after she got off the island. As … Read more

Shopowner Pleased with Passage of Time

BROOKFIELD, Wisconsin (AP) — When Sheila Tearny was three years old, she told her mother she would own a “real business” one day. According to her, that day has come. Specifically, February 19, 2008. That’s exactly 10 years after Sheila opened her novelty habberdashery, Hats for Cats, in downtown Brookfield. Why wasn’t the store a … Read more