A Major Disappointment

I could not be more disappointed. Definitely, Maybe, one of the best romantic comedies I’ve ever seen, opened behind four other movies this weekend. Valentine’s Day weekend! Maybe the market was just too oversaturated with new, well-marketed movies, but it finished behind Fool’s Gold, which was released last weekend. With the exception of The Spiderwick Chronicles, which wouldn’t have stolen much of a rom com’s market share anyway, all of the other movies were poorly review. Jumper? Step Up 2 the Streets 2 Dance with U? What’s the world coming to?

The sad thing about this is that studios are going to see the small rake of Definitely, Maybe, and they’re going to go back to making rom coms that employee the same old devices and cliches. I’m really disappointed in this.

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  1. I don’t think most people actually read reviews, they see ads on TV or as trailers or on the internet and decide if they want to see something. So a movie like Definitely, Maybe, which has a terrible title, no bankable stars, and was advertised like a pretty generic romantic comedy didn’t have much of a chance. Maybe word will get around, though.

    As much as you’ve been hyping it, I’m still not drinking this particular rom-com koolaid. It’s a pretty distasteful genre, outside a few you already mentioned, like High Fidelity and Annie Hall (is that really even a romantic comedy?). I would put Amelie at the top of my list.


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