(Warning: If you have not watched the February 21 episode of Lost, stop reading now.)

Hm. I’m not sure I’m totally satisfied with tonight’s episode…it wasn’t as strong as the last two, but it was definitely a necessary evil. We needed to know why Kate wasn’t a fugitive after she got off the island. As it was shown, she was a fugitive when she got off the island (I’m not sure why she had to talk to Miles about that…did she want to see if the rest of the world knew who she was? Of course they did), and she wasn’t relieved of her fugitive status by having Oceanic wave its golden wand.

As for the baby, that was a good reveal. I turned to Caroline a few seconds before that and said, “They haven’t shown the fifth member of the Oceanic Six yet. It’s going to be Sawyer. He’s going to leave the island for Kate.” And then a split second before she picked up the kid, we both realized what was going on. It raises a HUGE question: Why doesn’t the blonde Australian chick leave the island with her own kid? And why would Kate leave if she knew she was going to be a fugitive when she left?

We still haven’t figured out how Hurley will end up among the Six, and we’re told by Miles that Ben is a much bigger deal–at least to those in the know–than we thought. I really just wish we could know Ben’s true intentions, but I have a feeling we’ll have to wait a while for that information.

We also learned what the Oceanic Lie was…except it seems odd that they used the number eight for the survivor tally. Who did they claim died? Does that matter?

As I write this, I realize that some important questions were answered, but I’m still left with a dissatisfied taste in my mouth. I crave more information. Maybe we’ll get it next week, or maybe we’ll get more moments where someone says, “Okay, let me tell you the truth about everything” right before an alien spaceship lands or someone sticks a grenade in their mouth (oh yeah, that was pretty cool. I’d get dry mouth and drop that thing in less than a minute).

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  1. Did you catch the name of the book that Locke pulled off the bookshelf and gave to Ben? VALIS, by Phillip K. Dick. I think the story of LOST is very similar to the book.

    Also, you might find some interesting relationships or clues just by examining the names of characters. Some characters appear to be named after historical figures.

    Jacob in the Bible. The supplanter. Takes the place of his brother.

    Ben in the Bible. The “son of the right hand” of Jacob.

    John Locke-
    John Locke the christian philosopher who makes an argument for reason.

    Anthony Cooper (Locke’s father)-
    Anthony Cooper the mentor of philosopher John Locke.

    David Faraday (the physicist)-
    Michael Faraday. Physicist who found a relationship between electricity, magnetism, and light,

    Charlotte Leweis (the anthropologist)-
    The anthropologist CS Lewis who spent most of his life was an atheist had a religious awakening and became a spokeperson for the spirit of Christianity.

    Miles Straume (ghost guy)-
    Probably a reference to Miles in “The Turn of The Screw” (a book found in The Swan Station). Miles was a character who could communicate with ghosts.

    Aaron (Claire’s baby) –
    I’m not sure about this one yet. But, in the Bible Aaron invoked the first three plagues in Exodus. MAybe Aaron is going to cause a plague that actually does kill some of the people on the island before he leaves. Maybe this is why Claire is not present and why Jack doesn’t want to be near him.

    Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

  2. Yeah I too was a little underwhelmed at last night’s episode. Maybe I was expecting too much. I totally saw the big Aaron reveal coming a mile away.

    Ben, you could also add Desmond David Hume and Danielle Rousseau to your list of significant names, both philosophers. Even the name Jack Shephard has messianic qualities (Jesus often refered to himself as a shepard of men…)

  3. You might not be sure about that episode, but I’m certain it sucked. It seemed like filler to me, just putting characters in strategic places for future events.

    When I watched the episode, I thought Kate called the kid Eric; it wasn’t until I read another friend’s blog that I realized it was Aaron.

    A bigger question is that if there is all this settlement money or whatever, why couldn’t Oceanic have arranged some kind of witness-protection-style way for them to hide out? I don’t mind the weird events that take place, but I’m getting tired of characters acting in completely unreasonable ways. The show is quickly becoming just a ridiculous soap opera that thinks it has something important to say.

    Oh yeah, that blond Australian chick is named Claire. Just so you know…

  4. I just read your last Lost entry — even if Desmond gets off the island, I doubt he’d be one of the Oceanic 6, as he was not on the flight, and everyone would know that.

    As far as Ben, clearly he gets off, but I would imagine he does so covertly, because the people chasing him don’t know who Sayid’s boss is.


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