Security Device Enclosed

While unwrapping a new DVD tonight (I know, obsolete format, I’m so 2003), I noticed the “Security Device Enclosed” notice on the package. I’ve seen this hundreds of times and never thought twice about it, and yet I’ve never actually encountered the security device. I’m sure it’s some magnetic transmitter or something, but what if DVD shrinkwrapping companies mixed it up and put other security devices—things to discourage you from opening stolen DVDs—inside the package? Things like:

1. A lion
2. A punch in the face
3. Fran Drescher
4. An STD
5. An angry ninja
6. A scorpion
7. An anal rash
8. A tornado
9. Richard Simmons
10. A papercut on your eye

Such security devices will probably be necessary as we move from DVD to Blu-Ray.

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