Two Ideas That Need to Happen Today

Spray Bottles

I cleaned my sink today, a rare feat of strength and dignity. It’s so odd that I convince myself that grime and hair blend into the sink top. It just doesn’t make sense.

What also doesn’t make sense is the design of bathroom cleaners, kitchen sprays, and Febreeze bottles. The bottles only work with minimal pumping if they’re standing upright, pointing forward. How often do you Windex a wall? Does the majority of the gunk in your tub accumulate on the sides or the buttom? When you come home a little tipsy from a smoky bar, do you have the foresight to hang up your shirt before you Febreeze it, or do you just toss it on the floor and start spraying away?

My point is, these spray bottles should be just as easy to use if you’re spraying a horizontal surface as they are for vertical planes. To spray my sink top, I had to stand a few feet away and angle the bottle just right so that the spray would reach the sink and fall onto the surface like raindrops. I need more precision than that.

The problem is, if the mouth of the little tube that stretches from the nozzle down into the bottle into the fluid isn’t filled with liquid, it won’t squirt. So if you turn the bottle horizontal, the tube is laying above the liquid instead of in it. How can this be remedied? You have to completely redesign the bottle. Here’s my best effort:

In the future, all bottles will spray just as well horizontally as they do vertically. If someone at Febreeze reads this blog, that is.


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  1. Not bad design – if you look carefully at some bottles out there, the show the shape you talk about, except its less exaggerated.

    The problem with your shape is that the bottle, when filled up between halfway or full, will tip over when its upright.

    Good idea though, you’re on to something.

  2. Ha ha…both good ideas. Joe, I’ll take a look the next time I’m at the grocery store. And you’re right, the design isn’t perfect (I drew it on Paint, for goodness sake!), but you understand the concept. The key, really, is the straw. The straight straw is a HUGE design flaw in current spray bottles.


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