Belated Mad Ideas

Playing a little catchup today. Here are four matchups:

Lumbar belts: Using large women’s belts for lower back support


Jott: Service that transcribes voicemails you leave for yourself and e-mails them to you

Drive-thru confessionals: So you can be sinless on the road and on the run


Outsourcing the decoding of internet keywords: To buy huge numbers of popular concert tickets, a guy set up a program that outsources the decoding of garbled keywords to India

A fridge in your pocket: A refrigerator that knows its contents from radio transmitters in the labels and sends the current list to your PDA when you’re at the grocery store


Paperclip dispensers: Such a simple tool, but it functions without fail every time
Video game controllers that attach to your hands and arms: So you can actually throw a punch instead of clicking the A button twice


Google Analytics: Free tool that gives you detailed information about who is visiting your web site or blog

(Winners from last week were vending machine camo, banning smoking in bars, hiring Ken Jennings for trivia nights, and TiVo Clips.)

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