Is That Brain…Real?

Caroline recently sent me an article about how nanobots will be used in the future to increase human brainpower. According to Mr. Kurzweil (that’s right—he’s a “mister,” not a “doctor”…suspicious), “make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system.”

Caroline seemed concerned about these robots taking over our bodies. I was more concerned about the message this spends to the great minds of today and tomorrow. This topic only came up because some influential thinkers held a conference to discuss the great technological barriers facing the continuation of humanity. So basically, they decided that humans simply aren’t smart enough to continuing surviving? That we need nanobots make sure we don’t undo what tens of thousands of years of evolution have created? Hmph.

Speaking of influential thinkers, let’s look at today’s matchups:

NFL-style wristbands for sex: Lets you keep hundreds of sexual maneuvers right on your wrist


Sprint firing customers: Sprint dropped about 1000 customers who complained too much to customer service

Casting Gollum on a sitcom: Imagine Friends with Gollum instead of Joey, or instead of Kramer on Seinfeld


Pre-foaming bathroom soap: Makes hand washing so much easier

Can nanobots think of ideas like that? I think not.

Also, the results are in for the first two matchups (keep in mind that there is one person e-mailing votes to me, as his work computer won’t let him vote): The convalescent chair won the first game, and Japanese movie theaters won the second (I’m the tiebreaker). They’ll go head-to-head in a few weeks.

See you tomorrow for Lost!

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