JoshVision 1.0

Several months ago, as is the Festivus tradition, I sat down to make a list all the people and things that have ticked me off or disappointed me over the past year. Let me tell you, my friends, the list was a long one. At the top of that list though were three core elements: my distaste for Tom Brady and his baby-daddy antics, my disappointment in the misleading flavor of urinal cakes, and my frustration with the HD movie Format War. So when Jamey asked if I’d put together a guest post on one of those topics, I jumped at the chance.

Don’t be scared—the following post will not in any way involve urinal cakes.

No my topic is the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD format war. As I’m sure all of you tech savvy internet geeks heard, Toshiba recently announced that they were pulling the plug on their HD-DVD biz, thus effectively giving Sony’s Blu-Ray format the victory and ending the war that has ravaged and divided this great country, scarred us all deeply, and destroyed so many lives.

This news, along with Brady’s awesome defeat at the hands of the New York football Giants, should leave me feeling at least slightly fulfilled. Maybe even relieved and elated. I don’t though. In a word, I’m scared.

As you read this you’re probably thinking, “Wow this JoshVision guy sure sounds handsome and muscular, but he’s off his rocker.” Well you’d only be half right. Consider this—following WWII were we not happy to have reached the end of an equally bloody and taxing war? But then, something else rose from the ashes of Europe, didn’t it? Something so brutal and destructive that it nearly tore the entire world apart at the seams? (For those of you like me whose history classes never made it past the Great Depression before the semester ended, I’m talking about Communism…or maybe the Cold War, or maybe just nuclear weaponry, I’m not sure.) Who’s to say some other similar evil won’t result from the aftermath of the Format War? I can’t say for sure. Can you? My point exactly.

God help us all.