Ken Jennings and Surrogate Mothers

Someone mentioned to me today that if one of my ideas wins the March of Mad Ideas, I should commit to actually making that idea come to fruition. That makes sense to me. I’ll do it.

Today’s winners:

Biblio-Thru over blog comments in the sidebar, and Operation Flaming Streets over wide-mouth soda cans. 2-2 for the day!

Today’s new matchups:

Hiring Ken Jennings for local trivia nights: There’s no way you’d lose a trivia night if Ken Jennings were on your team


Bite-size pretzels and chips: Is there any other size but your mouth? All snacks should be bite-size

TiVo Clips: A way to enable TiVo to clip and save your favorite parts/scenes from movies and TV shows


Outsourcing surrogate mothers to India: Everyone wins–it’s cheap for the foreigner, and it gives an impoverished woman a job for 9 months

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