Lost Salad

(Warning: Lost spoilers)

Another strong episode—we’re now at 5 out of 7 on the season. It’s confirmed that Penny’s father is behind something big, that he wants the island for himself. Probably to get rich. We learn about Goodwin, a character we had all but forgotten about. We learn how Ben killed all the Dharma Initiative people. And we learn that the Shippies may not be all that bad for the survivors…except that, like everyone else on the island, they refuse to just tell someone when they’re trying to do good. Instead, they hit them on the head with a gun and scamper off. I’m glad people don’t communicate like that in real life.

Jamey (to Caroline, who is standing up from the kitchen table): Hey, where are you going?

Caroline (before refilling her glass of water, her reason for standing up): I’m…turning up the volume on the TV.

Jamey: But I have the remote right here.

Caroline: (hits Jamey on the back of the head with a gun and refills her water cup)

Also, damn you Lost for cutting away as soon as Ben told Locke to sit down. At first I was thinking that he was going to tell him that Locke was the one on the boat (through some space-time continuum vortex), but as you can tell from the mini-afro in the teaser for next week, it’s Michael. It has to be. Michael’s on the boat. But where’s Walt?

The results from the second day matchups are in. The victors are jog-a-dog and treadmill racing. Looks like a treadmill matchup in a few weeks. As for today:

Mirrors on chapstick: Lets you always have a mirror in your pocket to check for food in your teeth


Microsoft Office format paintbrush: Copies all formatting from one place to another in Word and Excel

The Grid System backscratching technique: Prevents any part of your back from going unscratched–ask the scratcher to work in a grid from top left to bottom right


RSS feeds: Brings new content on the internet on you instead of making you look for it

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  1. I’d be completely shocked if it was someone other than Michael on the boat. His return is maybe the worst kept secret ever.


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