March Madness of Brilliant Ideas

I don’t follow college basketball during the regular season. Too many games, too many teams. But when March Madness rolls around, boy am I excited. I love filling out the bracket, even if I don’t know much about the teams, and I usually put down a few bucks in a tournament pool.

The problem is, March Madness isn’t really in March anymore. It doesn’t even start until March 18, and it won’t finish until April 7.

The solution: The Truth Against the World March Madness of Brilliant Ideas. See, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while (both the LiveJournal version and the Blogger version), you’ll see that I’m often coming up with ideas. Not necessarily brilliant ideas, but ideas nonetheless. I also spend a fair amount of time talking about interesting ideas other people/companies have had—most of them recent, some of them much older.

So with all this free time in March, why not pit my brilliant ideas against their brilliant ideas? See which of my ideas stand up to the great ideas of the world?

However, I’m biased. So you, the reader, will be voting on the winner of each matchup.

Today I went through all blog entries from the past 12 months and picked out 32 of my ideas and 32 of their ideas. I didn’t rank them—rather, I pretty much just kept them in chronological order.

Every day for the next month, I’ll post two matchups in the sidebar on the right. I’m not sure how many polls Blogger will let me add, but I’ll keep adding them until I need to delete one and add another (I’m guessing that’ll be around 3 or 4 polls, 2 of them a day, so you’ll only have a couple days to vote for each matchup). After the round of 64, I’ll compile the results and post the updated bracket at this point, but you can keep track at home with your own printable bracket as well. It’s found here (note that my ideas are in green, theirs in red). Actually, scratch that. I can’t figure out how to post the bracket. Apparently I have to host the file somewhere? Why can’t I just post it like an image file?

Also, I’m going to include a brief description of what the ideas are. For more information, you could go back to the original entry, but it would have been a lot of work for me to compile all of the hyperlinks. So if you can’t find these entries through a Google search but you feel that you need to read them to make a decision, just post a comment that you need the link and I’ll find it (or just go to my LiveJournal page, look at the early entries, and work up from there).

Without further adieu, today’s matchups (the first of each one is my idea, the second their idea):

Using a Convalescent Chair as a Recliner/Laptop Holder: Retractable tray that allows you to eat dinner/type on the computer without need for a desk
High-Tech Japanese toilets: Voice-activated seat controller, heated seat, and the ability to test your urine for certain diseases

Jamey’s offer to bear your baby for you: Men deserve that bond b/w parent and child too
Japanese movie theaters: Reserved seats/no cell-phone signals

0 thoughts on “March Madness of Brilliant Ideas”

  1. Hmm… choices are a convalescent chair or a toilet for the first one? Is there a third option? Perhaps one that doesn’t make my throw up a little in my mouth when I read it?

    On the second one, I gotta go with the Japanese theater. Sorry, but no cell phone signal is a really good idea.

    -Tolles (screw blogger’s log in function. I give up.)


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