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Sorry about the lack of “real” posts later…soon I will have time for them, but I’m quite busy at work. For now, more matchups and more winners as the “real” March Madness prepares to begin (on March friggin’ 20! Is that still March?!)

TiVo Clothes over Smearable Ink: That’s a no brainer. TiVo clothes is brilliant.
Investing in Me over Amazon Kindle: A tough one. I’ve been drooling over the Kindle for the last four months, but I would rather people invest in me. So far, no takers.
Jott over Lumbar Belts: Good call. I still use Jott, and love it.
Drive-Thru Confessionals over Outsourced Keyword Input: Another tough one. I was the tie breaker, so I represented the Church (kind of?) by going with the confessionals.

New Matchups:

Pre-recorded call waiting response: If you see an incoming call, you press a button that plays a message to them saying that you’ll call them back in a few minutes so you don’t have to interrupt your current conversation (unless you want to)


RSS Forward: A service that e-mails blogs to you as they’re posted

Spray bottles that work vertically and horizontally: A simple change in design would allow you to spray countertops as well as mirrors


Taxes on plastic grocery bags: China and Ireland are doing it, and canvas bags are now completely socially acceptable there. This should be done in America too.

Kindle 2.0: Updates: touchscreen, the device will read the book outloud to you, backlight, and www forum connectivity


AI in new Star Wars video game: Using new AI and physics engines, storm troopers will actually act intelligently and have individualistic traits

An online equivalent to window shopping: A browser that presents shopping options to you in the same visual format as window shopping in a real-life mall


zzzPhone: A phone that lets you choose exactly which features you want on it

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