Short One

I’ll keep this short and sweet today…the matchups are as follows:

Experience-based job-search engine: Job search engine that lets you search for all jobs that meet your qualifications


Kaiten sushi (conveyor-belt sushi): A restaurant that allows you to pick sushi off trays as they pass by you on a conveyor belt

Sunroofs with rain censors: With a built-in rain censor, you could aerate your car when it’s parked on a hot summer day–if it rains, it will automatically close


Pepsi Ice Cucumber: A limited-edition Japanese soft drink

0 thoughts on “Short One”

  1. I swear I’ve seen sushi on conveyor belts (or perhaps on little boats floating by). Either way, great idea.

    But I’m not usually in favor of censorship; even a sunroof should be allowed freedom of speech, rain or no rain. Rain sensors on sunroofs, however, now there’s a great idea.


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