To the Victor Go the Spoils

This past weekend, I played poker with a group of people from work. I had never played with them before, and neither had my friend Trevor, who I brought along. It was a fun game, good times, with me getting lucky enough to secure a third-place finish. After I went out, Trevor and a guy named Dave went head-to-head. Dave had a significant lead on Trevor. They played a pretty intense match with all of the other players watching.

After a few well-played hands, the lead switched over to Trevor. This dialogue followed:

Dave: Well, that’s a momentum shift.

Random observer 1: Looks like we have another victor.

Me: Well, to be fair, we don’t know that yet. It’s anyone’s game.

Random observer 2: No, literally, another Victor. The last time a first-timer played in this game, he beat all of us. His name was Victor.

Me: Oh. That’s quite a coincidence.

I’m not even kidding.

Speaking of victors, pre-foaming soap beat out Gollum’s sitcom, and Sprint firing customers won against NFL-style wristbands for sex. I went 0-2 on the day. Overall I’ve won 4 and they’ve won 4.

Today’s matchups:

Biblio-Thru: A drive-thru booth at libraries so you can get/return books on the run


Blog comments in the sidebar : Allows blogs to be living conversations, not completed texts

Operation Flaming Streets: Illuminating the sidewalks of my street through better streetlights or white Christmas lights around tree trunks for that classy feel


Wide-mouth soda and beer cans: Much better than the narrow-mouth predecessors

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