Why do computers not remember HTML text? Like, if you’re on a website, and you fill in a text box with some information, if you accidentally click on the wrong like, when you return to the original page, the text is gone. Why can’t it save that text?

When you open a folder in Windows, why do the default columns include the “file type” column? Windows tells us the file type by the type of icon used—why does it need to waste space by with redundant information?

Hardees really disappointed me the other day. Trev and I literally waited 30 minutes for our food—10 in the drive-thru, and then 20 inside after we got tired of waiting in the drive-thru. Yeah, I sent in a complaint.

Speaking of complaints, as listed here, Moxy Bistro and Lounge in St. Louis should be nonsmoking. However, ‘tis not the truth. I took a bunch of people there on Friday purely because it was a nonsmoking bar, but I came home smelling like smoke. Yeah, I sent in a complaint.

On a related note, I have a new policy: I won’t spend any money on bars and restaurants that allow smoking. If the citizens of St. Louis won’t vote to disavow smoking in St. Louis, I’m hoping the powers of capitalism will kick in.

Even if you don’t watch Survivor or never have watched it, if you have 20 minutes, watch the first half of this episode. One of the survivors does two of the coolest things ever on reality TV during that span.

Trev recommended that I call this whole month the March of Mad Ideas. I like it. It’s the new me.

Last, today’s contenders:

Swimming with dolphins with your employees: Yearly trips to swim with dolphins would help your employees stay happy and motivated
Vs. Jog-a-Dog canine treadmill: A way to walk your dog without leaving home

Treadmill racing: Networked treadmills in the gym so you can “race” against other people on a virtual track (to simulate the motivation of catching up with people when you run in the park)
OpenOffice: A free version of Microsoft Office

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  1. Try MS Office or OpenOffice vs Google Docs. Google Docs is ridiculously convenient and getting better by the week, although it is a website so it can be slow. For simplistic productivity software with a different paradigm but still highly valuable, checkout any of the products by 37Signals. I use all of them.

    Also, check out Facebook’s STL Non-smoking bar group. I’m friends with them on facebook, they have meetings every now and again.


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