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Lost ended the half-season on a strong note tonight with an episode primarily focused on Michael’s backstory. Good stuff. Intriguing questions about how the island can prevent a person off the island from killing themselves. High level of emotion from Michael himself. Interesting ending, with the viewers wondering if Ben set up his family in a trap or if the bad guys made it to the island or if it’s someone else altogether. (Anyone else wonder how the French woman and Ben ended up fornicating? That’ll be an interesting, if not unwatchable, flashback.)

In all, the episode was a good reminder of why we’re not supposed to like Michael. I had totally forgotten his betrayal, and it makes perfect sense that Sayid wouldn’t trust him (or Ben) and would turn him in. I’m interested to see what the captain does next.

My only complaint is that we still haven’t seen what happens to all the kids that the Others took. Why has that not yet been revealed? We should have been shown what happened to Walt by this point, especially since he has some sort of superpower that is probably quite relevant. What did the Others do to him?

Honestly, my guess is that the producers haven’t given us that episode because the actor who plays Walt grew up. They can’t film that episode because he wouldn’t look or sound the same. To that, I say: We don’t care. Use the real Walt or bring in a younger, replacement Walt—we’ll understand. We just want to see what happened. Maybe the fifth season will delve into the children.

I’m going to wait a day or so for the votes to finish, and then we’ll start the next round of the March of Mad Ideas.

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  1. The girl isn’t really Ben’s daughter. The French woman was pregnant when she shipwrecked on the island. She had the kid but Ben and the Others stole it soon after it was born. Ben then raised her as his own and lied to her about it.

    Come on Stegmaier!


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