Elite Eight

The day is here…only four matchups left. Two of the eight contenders are “their” ideas…and they’re good ones. I find it particularly interesting that those two ideas are representative of a tighter, more controlling government. I believe in the free market and capitalism, but I believe that allowing smoking in bars infringes on our right to breathe clean air. As for taxes on plastic grocery bags…again, interesting concept. Just today I totally forgot about the two canvas bags in my car and instead wasted three plastic bags at the store. If there were a tax, I think I’d remember a little better.

In this contest, though, I want my ideas to win. The idea of investing in ordinary humans like me is so much cooler than banning smoking in bars. Vote on that idea, and you’re going to see a website go up that literally sells shares of me. It also lends itself to the interesting scenario in which a stockholder—say, a 20% owner—wants me to do something differently than I normally would. Do I have to concede? Do I consult the other stockholders? Or does my 51% majority supersede anyone else? As for the window shopping, it’s one of the easier ideas that I could do…the easier, the more likely I’ll actually do it.

On with the matchups. See sidebar. OR…drumroll please…go here and download my March of Mad Ideas Excel spreadsheet from box.net. Yes! I finally found a way to share any file online for free. Sweet sweetness.

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