I Am Much Smarter than Myself

Almost once a day, I am lacking some piece of information that I need. Whether it be a password, an account number, or the location of tickets to a concert, I generally don’t know the answer.

It’s a good thing that I’m much smarter than myself.

Whenever I don’t know a password or number or any digital piece of information, I record it so the next time I don’t know it, I can just look it up. This happened to me today. My favorites are when I get a reminder on Outlook telling me that I have, say, a Cardinals game the following night. My first thought is, “Shoot, where did I put those tickets?” If I was left to my own devices, I would never find the tickets. However, my past self, who is much smarter than my current self, has already created another reminder that reads, “Looking for those tickets? Find them inside your black and green paisley tube sock. No, not that sock. The other one.”

I need to start leaving more indirect–but encouraging–clues to my future self. Like, if I looked inside that sock, instead of finding the tickets, I’d find a note reading, “Great job! You remembered what a sock is! Now, about those tickets–look in the back of the fridge where you put that leftover tuna on March 13. Throw the tuna away if today is later than March 16.”

Next to the tuna I’d find another note: “You’re almost ready to go to the Cardinals game! Are you wearing pants? If so, great job! If not, go put on some pants. While you’re on your way to the closet, check to make sure you have plenty of extra soap in your supply cabinet–you don’t like running out of soap!”

On top of the soap there’s a note and the tickets, “Buy more soap when this soap is done. Also, remember that Caroline’s birthday is May 16. You forget that all the time!”

It’s a good thing I’m much smarter than myself. Otherwise I’d be completely useless. And pantsless.

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  1. And if you invent / happen across a time machine you can remind yourself Bill and Ted style — “don’t forget to wind your watch!”


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