Rebuff to the Caroline Vault

What you’re about to read, or just read, is a special treat—an unprecedented, completely unedited, second entry of The Caroline Vault in two days. Caroline actually wrote both of these entries last night; first, the one about the Georgia Peach, second, this one as a response to my alleged “censorship.”

What Caroline says is the truth. I edited and added to her entry. However, it’s certainly not censorship. I didn’t omit anything she was trying to say; I merely corrected it and added a few things I thought were funny. Also, I added a little something called “paragraph breaks.” Every heard of them, Caroline? I know you loyal readers enjoy the Caroline Vault, but it’s discouraging to stumble upon a web page or blog and face the daunting prospect of a paragraph that fills the screen. Our minds, so used to reading one-sentence paragraphs on the internet and in the newspaper, aren’t built for paragraphs like that. Plus, there’s no pause for comedic affect. (To be fair, Caroline took my advice and split her entry about censorship into several paragraphs.)

Caroline also makes it seem like I changed everything she wrote without her approval. I asked her to read it before I posted it!

Okay, I have a proposal. The next time Caroline writes a short blog entry, I’ll post both my edited version next to her haphazard, grammatically incorrect, undefined-thoughts version, and you can vote on which version you like better. The people will decide.

P.S. The joke in Caroline’s subject line is that I use project tracking software called Backpack (from 37signals) to keep track of my blog ideas, both past and present. This is an example of how half the comments/jokes in the Caroline Vault don’t work without the proper explanations—like the Jamey playing with wolves joke. I was raised by wolves and had the nickname “Steakface” among my pack. You wouldn’t know this because Caroline didn’t explain that before presenting that joke to you. Case in point.

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