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Lost Until 2009

So that’s it, folks. The end of the fourth season of Lost. Two more to go. Seven long months to wait. This wasn’t the mind-bender of an episode that was last season’s finale, but it sure was entertaining. The fight between Kemmee and Sayid was one of the best one-on-one action sequences I’ve seen in […]

My Computer Gave Me Dysentery

My rudimentary understanding of how computers work is that they’re composed of millions of little on and off switches, 0s and 1s, yes and no answers. These silica-based components are simple and slow on their own, but put together in the right way, they allow computers to make calculations far faster than our human brains […]

Kendall vs Kindle #1

Today is the first of several entries I’ll run over the course of the next few weeks that pit Josh’s (of JoshVision) girlfriend, Kendall, against my Kindle. Why? Because the two words sound similar, and the idea amused us (and was approved by both Kendall and Kindle alike). Josh will lead with a redeeming quality […]

The Jamey Vault: There’s No Such Thing as Allergies

True story: Caroline and I almost didn’t date at all due to allergies. I’ve had allergies all my life. No known food allergies, but really annoying hay fever that causes stuffiness and watery eyes. I remember “crying” in second-grade art class due to the allergies…I think that’s when I learned that girls respond to sentimental […]

My Greatest Sloth

I am a fast human being. That is, I’m quite quick on my feet. Even at the ripe old age of 27, I can outsprint pretty much everyone on the soccer and football fields [Editor’s Note: Caroline wants me quantify this statement by saying that I only play pickup games with random students and foreigners, […]

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Today, American Airlines announced a new policy. A policy that will single-handedly bankrupt the airlines. A policy so bad, so stupid, that they will not only lose customers, but that will also cause more security-line logjams and problems when boarding the plane. Before I dwell on the negative, I just want to say that American […]

No More Senseless Loss of Lives

Every year, 40,000 Americans die in car accidents. 57% of these accidents (a percentage I just made up) are due to distractions—things like dialing a cell phone, changing the radio station, fixing your hair. These little acts make people take their eyes off the road just long enough to get in an accident. Many modern […]

JoshVision–It’s Not the Years, Honey. It’s the Mileage.

There are certain advantages to having JoshVision. I can always tell just before a waitress is about to spill a beer on me. I can also sense when someone is uncomfortable at a party. And on occasion—and this is the rarest of occasions—I get a glimpse into the future. Tonight I used this power for […]

The Jamey Vault: Not-So-Sweet Caroline

Tuesday is a big day for this blog. For some reason, more people tune in on Tuesday than on any other day. Since I noticed this pattern, I’ve felt some pressure on Monday night as I prepare my Tuesday blog entry. My hubris is such that I long to entertain the masses. So tonight, I’m […]

My Greatest Joy

What’s better than getting an Amazon Kindle? Being given an Amazon Kindle. That’s right, someone gave me a Kindle last week. After using it for a few days, I’m convinced that this is quite a remarkable device (not that I was in doubt before…but it’s different when you actually get to hold it and use […]

Lost in the Office

I was a little out of my element in the office today. We had an open house for all of the graduating students and their families, and along with the rest of the staff, I was expected to mingle and chat with these people. I am many things (smooth-chested, a fish out of water, former […]

My Brilliant Idea/Their Brilliant Idea

My Brilliant Idea Caroline, once a vegetarian, now eats organic and free-range meat. Her reason for not eating meat was because of the poor conditions in which animals were raised for slaughter, so now she financially supports stores and farms that treat animals well before humanely killing them. Whole Foods is the prime location for […]

Common Misconception #2: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Following my previous entry on common misconceptions (“He who smelt it, dealt it”), I have another bone to pick. At this very second, millions of children all over the world are being incorrectly taught a life lesson. Teachers and parents are lying to their little angelic faces. Frankly, it’s disgusting. It’s downright wrong. The common […]

Tuesday's Truthbits

The Blog If you’re visiting the actual webpage for this blog (instead of using RSS feeds), you’ll notice a few changes. In an attempt to make this space more community-friendly, I’ve added a feed to the last five comments directly to the right of the main entry of the day. No matter where you post […]

A Trip to Potbelly's

As I wrote about in this post, I simply love Potbelly’s sandwiches. As far as I can tell, they’re only made in Chicago, so this weekend, under the guise of going to the windy city for a friend’s wedding, I got to eat at Potbelly’s for the first time since Christmas. I carpooled with Trevor […]

Lost Immunity

“Destiny is a fickle bitch.” –Ben Linus, Lost The title of this entry refers to a male contestant (Erik) in the final five on Survivor who decided, thanks to some supreme manipulation and tomfoolery by the four female contestants, to give his immunity idol to another contestant to prove his loyalty. As planned, the four […]

Pet Peeves and Bad Ideas

Yesterday I discussed some really good ideas. Today I venture onto the other side of the tracks. The side where bad ideas are manufactured like Ugg boots in a Chinese factory. Facial Tattoos There are a select few times in my life that I have thought tattoos were a good idea. One of them was […]

Web Sights

Every once in a while, I hear about a new website that is redefining or simplifying the way we interact with the internet. Usually I read about the site on another site, or maybe I see it in an online Wired article. I subscribe to the 37signals company blog, which seems to have a myriad […]

Brand Loyalty

I was leafing through a magazine today when I came across the following snippet: “Children ages three to five who were offered identical food–half in McDonald’s packaging and half in similar packaging but without the brand name–strongly preferred the food in McDonald’s wrappers. Nearly 60% said McDonald’s-branded chicken nuggets were tastier, compared with 18% who […]

100 and 100

For those of you keeping count, this is my 100th blog post on Blogger. I starting blogging here on December 30 of last year, so that’s 100 entries in 4 months…not bad for a former farmhand who taught himself to read at age 14 by trading blocks of manure for letters of the alphabet. We […]

I Am Iron Man

I’ve been hiding something from you, faithful readers, for the last four months. This secret keeps those around me safe while danger lurks nearby. The mask I wear hides my true identity from the world, an identity that the world may not be ready for. An identity that I, myself, may not be ready to […]