A Trip to Potbelly's

As I wrote about in this post, I simply love Potbelly’s sandwiches. As far as I can tell, they’re only made in Chicago, so this weekend, under the guise of going to the windy city for a friend’s wedding, I got to eat at Potbelly’s for the first time since Christmas.

I carpooled with Trevor and Laura on Saturday morning, cringing at the gas price ($3.77 in the middle of Illinois), but happy I was splitting the cost of the room with several other people (the savings of which were negated by several friends who put drinks on my room tab…). We made it up to the Burr Ridge Marriott in time to see Ankur, the groom, riding a horse along the side of the building for the opening processional. In the ceremony that followed, the highlights were seeing Sonya and Ankur combine a respect for their Hindu traditions with the joy and laughter that make them a great couple, along with watching the flame in front of their chairs grow larger and larger until I was seriously concerned that they were going to catch on fire (they did not).

A number of my college friends—frisbee people—were up at this wedding, so we had a great time at the happy hour(s) after the ceremony and the reception. The combination of Indian pop music and American music was perfect for the dancing portion of the evening, the majority of which, unfortunately, I spent eating my dinner (as Caroline will hopefully note in a future Vault, I am an extremely slow eater, and for some reason my table was one of the last to ushered to the buffet). However, I traipsed onto the dance floor for a few songs, and several people were witness to my new Iron Man dance.

Due to the wind and the rain, we skipped the Cubs game today, but I think Caroline’s mom was happy to have a bunch of kids to make brunch for her on Mother’s Day. However, that wasn’t the last time we ate today. On the way back to St. Louis, we stopped at Potbelly’s—as you can tell by the joy in Trevor’s cartwheel, I really hyped up this place.

It was marvelous.

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  1. Potbelly’s is also in DC…perhaps other cities, too.

    You should do a little investigative blogging and see if you can locate anybody who has developed a potbelly from eating too much Potbelly’s. It would be like the anti-Jared (Subway’s famous weight loss guy). Or, that person could be you!

  2. I actually ate a potbelly sandwich in Midway waiting for my flight. It wasnt that great, but perhaps it had to fit in with all the rest of the crappy airport food.

  3. I thought I mentioned this while talking up Minneapolis, but there are some Potbellys (Potbellies?) here. They are good, but not quite great, although that might be due to the extreme difficulty in making a truly GREAT sandwich.

  4. Hey Jamey! Just discovered the blog. I always knew it existed but never actually tracked it down.

    My obsession with Potbelly’s started in college at Maryland. And when I was living in St. Louis my boyfriend would fly through midway and pick up sandwiches on the way.

    I’m bookmarking the blog now and hopefully I will see you while I’m in town!

  5. Finally, someone who likes the PB as much as I do. Aren’t they amazing?! I didn’t realize they had them so close to my hometown (Richmond).

    Sounds good–are you coming to Jessica’s wedding?

  6. A few point of contention:

    There is a Potbelly is Philadelphia.

    I too was concerend about catching on fire; luckily, this did not happen. (not really a point of contention so much as a statement of accord, but tomato, tomato)

    I did not get to see the Iron Man dance. Deeply disappointed. Hopefully the videographer caught it.

    I did ask for all the tables with people from my side of the wedding to be sent to the buffet first. Unfortunately, the Marriott had their own ideas about how to run the reception, such as starting to serve the cake before Ankur and I had officially cut into the cake. And putting a sweetheart table for me and Ankur next to the Head Table where me and Ankur were sitting. I tried to put the videographer and the photographer at the sweetheart table later,but they were onto my schemes…


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