Lost Immunity

“Destiny is a fickle bitch.” –Ben Linus, Lost

The title of this entry refers to a male contestant (Erik) in the final five on Survivor who decided, thanks to some supreme manipulation and tomfoolery by the four female contestants, to give his immunity idol to another contestant to prove his loyalty. As planned, the four female contestants promptly voted Erik off the island. I feel really, really bad for the dude, as his intentions were pure, but his decision-making ability was poor at best.

But I’m here to talk about another island. One where immunity necklaces and allegiances don’t help you, one where Jeff Probst isn’t going to send in the medical team to help you when you’re burned or bleeding.

The island of Lost.

This season of Lost, despite its brevity (and perhaps thanks to it), has been a delight to watch. Even tiny little details, like that weird device strapped to the underside of Lt. Kimmie’s bicep, make me smile. The whole show is both an homage to good science fiction and an object to be given homage to in the future.

I love Locke episodes. Ever since he realized his legs worked on the island, you knew the guy was special. But this episode showed that he was special well before he stepped onto the island, before he survived an eight-story fall, before he gave his kidney (liver? Duodenum?) to his father. From day one he was a survivor. (Politically incorrect sidenote: If a baby born after being in the womb for 9 months is born on the same day as a baby who has been in the womb for 9 months, which one is older? Shouldn’t the 9-monther get credit for the extra time? Thus, shouldn’t our birthdays be our dates of conception? Take that as you will.)

I loved the scene with Richard (who, by the way, is really interesting. He’s timeless, ageless, a try native of the island.) as he scouts Locke as a young boy. He asks Locke which objects he already owns—I would think that plays into theories that say that time isn’t linear, that everything has already happened regardless of whether or not we’ve perceived those events as being in the past or the future. When Locke picks the knife, Richard packs up his bags. That’s not the Locke he needs.

Locke again denies his destiny when he tries to be a tough guy in high school. And finally, when he’s in the wheelchair, someone else steps in. Richard’s had his chance. Now Lt. Daniels from the Wire has his chance. Who does he work for? We still don’t know? But I’m guessing he doesn’t work for Richard, as he practically hands Locke a knife. He tells him to go on a walkabout, armed with only a knife. He wants Locke to embrace that destiny.

Is Lt. Daniels the same as Jakob? Why is the Australian chick hanging out all creepy-like in the cabin? Is she already dead too? And yes, yes, we already knew the island moves, but how do you make it move?

All great questions, all answerable in the next two (?) episodes. The teaser for the next episode hinted at big stuff, but we already know who the Oceanic 6 are, and it seems clear that Sayid’s the one who will be taking them to the boat. Not a lot of suspense there. But maybe there’s something I’m missing.

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