Lost Until 2009

So that’s it, folks. The end of the fourth season of Lost. Two more to go. Seven long months to wait.

This wasn’t the mind-bender of an episode that was last season’s finale, but it sure was entertaining. The fight between Kemmee and Sayid was one of the best one-on-one action sequences I’ve seen in any form, although I found it a little odd at the end of the fight when all the scruffy Others emerged from the woods. They couldn’t have helped out with one of their electronic darts or something?

The whole bomb countdown was also quite suspenseful. Michael is actually dead now, and Jin…well, the rule of thumb is if you don’t actually see someone die, they’re probably still alive.

I love that all of the random survivors were on the raft instead of any key cast members…clever. I’ll miss Faraday, though. I think he’ll be back.

The orchid was pretty awesome. How does Ben know so much about the island? And where did the island go? Somewhere in space-time, but when? Where?

I love the setup for next season, particularly the happenings on the island. Locke will finally get the inside perspective of the scruffy Others—maybe we’ll learn how they don’t age, and how they find it so easy to get on and off the island. And I like the red-haired chick and the creepy Asian dude are on the island—their stories seem really interesting, and they might play into all that goes wrong on the island after Jack leaves.

Locke being dead…well, somebody had to die at the end. I don’t consider it that big of a reveal, since it won’t really impact what we experience as Lost viewers for the next two seasons. Locke will still be there on the island, acting away…I guess we’re supposed to wonder how he got off the island. Probably the same way Ben used to.

I think I’ll be a little annoyed by Jack’s future efforts to get Kate and Aaron to join Hurley, Sayid, Ben, possibly Desmond, and the Asian woman to go back to the island. There’s going to be a lot of crying and shouting and coercing…hopefully they’ll make it interesting. And is Ben even going back? Hasn’t he pledged to hunt down and kill Penny? (Sidenote: My favorite moment of the episode was when Penny and Desmond were reunited. There’s no evidence to support this, but I may have cried.) Will the Asian woman’s baby have to go back as well? And Walt?

So I think I have more questions than answers. That’s okay. This is Lost. Eventually we’re going to need explanations about what the Island is, how it works, what the black smoke monster is, and if Walt or Aaron are important at all. And who Jacob is!

You want answers? Okay, here they are in short: The island is an aberration in space-time, a place that cleans up destiny-based discrepancies so the world doesn’t end. At the end of Lost, the island will no longer exist. The black smoke monster is made of millions of lost souls who determine if other people’s souls are ready to join it for eternity or not. Walt himself is not important, but children are important to the Others because they have yet to mess with the space-time continuum. Aaron is very important and will end the world if the island doesn’t do something about it. And Jacob…Jacob is the island.

Bam. There it is. I’ll see you for more Lost commentary and complete contradictions to all my theories in 2009.

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  1. “The Asian woman?” Her name is Sun, you know.

    It was a solid finale, but not as good as the two episodes preceding it. I, too, liked that they killed off the remaining “red shirts” from Flight 815.


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