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If you’re visiting the actual webpage for this blog (instead of using RSS feeds), you’ll notice a few changes. In an attempt to make this space more community-friendly, I’ve added a feed to the last five comments directly to the right of the main entry of the day. No matter where you post a comment, it’ll appear for a short time on the right.

That’s the big change. A few smaller changes are that I added a nice big RSS feed button on the right, I truncated my profile, and I made the comments box open in a new window so you don’t have to navigate away from this page. I almost changed the layout to include more color, but I kind of like the simple white.

Amazon e-Toilet Paper

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’re well aware that I have a slight obsession with the Amazon Kindle. When I had the chance to hold the device a few months ago, I was amazed by the screen. It looked exactly like a piece of paper.

The screen uses something called e-Ink technology. The concept is simple: the screen is made of millions of little balls, each one having a black side and a white side. Send a charge through the “paper,” and the balls flip one way or another to form an image or word.

If the Kindle catches on, it could be the start of a paper-saving (and thus tree-saving revolution). If the majority books are digitally transmitted to e-Ink devices, you don’t have to cut down as many trees to print the same number of books.

But books aren’t the number one use of paper in America. Not even number two (fortune cookie fortunes). The number one use of paper in America is found in rolls: toilet paper.

And now Amazon is going to save our bathrooms just like they’re saving our libraries. The product: e-Toilet Paper (motto: “Use one piece for the rest of your life”).

e-Toilet paper uses the same e-Ink technology that the Kindle does. When you’re ready to wipe, just hit the “clean” switch on your piece of e-Toilet paper (which is small and light enough to keep in your wallet or breast pocket). The little balls will flip to one side, ready to receive your business. When you’re done, or if you need a new piece, hit the “clean” button again and the tiny balls will flip the other the other way. When you’re done, just wash it off in the sink (it’s waterproof), and stow it away for the next use. It’s clean, simple, and environmentally friendly. You’ll never have to buy toilet paper again.

Josh’s Vision

Josh (of JoshVision and Question of the Day fame) works for a computer company called Velocity Micro. They’re having a contest on YouTube based on the open-ended question: What’s Your Velocity? Although Josh can’t enter the contest, he sent me the trailer he made for the contest. It’s hilarious, and much less disgusting than e-Toilet paper. It’s short and work-friendly—see below (or here).

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  1. I’ve been meaning to put together a JoshVision on this contest but I live in an extreme state of laziness. Seriously, everyone needs to enter. The grand prize is a $10,000 computer and thus far, we’ve gotten like 5 entries. What can I do with a $10,000 computer that I can’t do with a $1000 computer you ask? Almost nothing. But, you could sell it on ebay and buy something practical, like food or a tank of gas. So put a video together and enter!

    For more info, check out our contest landing page.



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