Best of the Blog Rundown

I have a list of  some classic entries for those of you who are (a) bored at work, (b) new to this blog, or (c) want a comprehensive list of the best-received entries of the first year of this blog. In no particular order:

Jamey Decides That He Will Replace His Living Room Furniture with Convalescent Chairs

Jamey Discusses Bathroom Etiquette (a posting for any office bathroom and a posting for stalls where people don’t flush)

The Original Disney Vault Entry (the basis for the Caroline Vault)

Pet Peeves and Bad Ideas (and more and more and more and more)

Jamey Spends $30 on Two Bottles of Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Treadmill Racing

A Rant About the Box Office That I Said Only Once But Constantly Think About

Jamey in 3-D

My Greatest Shame #2: The Plunger

My Greatest Fear: Potato Eyes

The Very First Caroline Vault: Girl Gloves

The 27th Birthday Story

New Year’s Resolutions (these are often referred to in this blog)

Investing in Me

Lost…on Ice!

Tampon Kitten (which, by the way, is a decent name for a rock band)

He Who Smelt It May Not Have Dealt It

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Your Life Is in Danger

Seven Traits of Highly Effective Leaders

I Lived Through a 5.2-Magnitude Earthquake: A Survivor’s True Tale of Survival Against All Odds

I Am Iron Man

Okay, I know, nobody likes a clips show. New entries will return tomorrow with a special edition blog about my first stint in Law & Order: Jury Duty.

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