The Rally

I attended my first political rally today. Beyond voting, I’m not at all active in politics, so the rally scene isn’t really for me. But Caroline’s boss’s boss’s boss is running for governor, so Caroline asked me to come and hang on her arm and look pretty. That’s what I do best.

Jay Nixon, the current Attorney General of the Proud State of Missourah (as he pronounces it), seems bred for a political career. Grew up in small-town Missouri, attended public school throughout his life (he’s a huge education advocate), father became the mayor of their town because he wanted to make a difference, mother healed lepers and cured blindness and taught ninjas to love. He’s been the Attorney General for 16 years, and he’s looking to become governor at the same time that the entire country seems to want a major change in politics. Jay Nixon’s time is now.

At least, that’s how I felt after the rally today. I hadn’t realized how contagious the vibe is at these rallies. To give you some perspective, although I’m a registered democrat, I don’t vote at all along party lines. I vote for whoever I think is best for the job. So before today’s rally, my vote was completely up in the air. After experiencing the speeches and the enthusiasm they generated, I’m sold. I want Jay Nixon to be our governor.

The problem is, I suspect that attending a rally for Nixon’s opponent would have the same effect on me. I’m so easily moved by a good crowd response! I’ve heard that Obama rally’s are incredibly inspiring…I’m avoiding them at all costs, because I’m sure I’d end up pledging to hand a campaign brochure to every person in my zip code. I don’t have that kind of time.

My advice: If you’re easily influenced by crowds and effective public speakers, stay away from political rallies. Remain impartial by reading about the candidates online. While you’re doing that, I’ll be handwriting 30,000 invitations to Nixon’s July 4 celebration.

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