Jamey Goes to a Rap Concert

(Warning: This is far less amusing than what it could have been.) A few months ago, a law clerk in St. Louis mentioned to Caroline that he’s a member of a rap group. He invited her to a concert, and she didn’t end up going that time. Last week, she ran into him again and … Read more


Caroline’s grandfather is a bit of a legend in these parts. As a college student, she used to visit him at his home in Arkansas, and he’d send her back with a few bottles of home-brewed alcohol in her truck. Cherry brandy, blackberry vodka, cantaloupe vodka…name a fruit (or anything that grows in the ground), … Read more

Where I Write

I often get mail from readers* asking about where I write. Personally, I’m fascinated about my favorite writers’ working spaces—I wish there was a coffee-table book of photos of famous authors’ desks. I want to know how they organize 600-page plotlines and characters and settings within the bounds of a single desktop. I want to … Read more

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

We’re entering an age when people can write and send e-mails from their cell phones. This is probably the future, a time when you’re never separated from spam, ever. Fine. I’m okay with that. I appreciate connections. That being said, why do remote e-mailers always have to tell me where they’re sending their e-mail from? … Read more

The Dark Knight

“So this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” Most superhero movies feel like a few action set pieces strung together by scenes that involve a lot of talking. This year, Iron Man did a great job of entertaining viewers throughout the movie, even in scenes that didn’t involve fights and … Read more

The Batman in Arkansas

Before I get to my spoiler-free review of The Dark Knight, which I had the pleasure of seeing Saturday night in Mountain Home, Arkansas, I’d like to tell a quick story of something that happened while I was watching the movie. Something that will forever define me. Something that transformed me from a simple North … Read more

A Fool’s Bargain

A friend of mine called the other night with a query. He had encountered a situation at a dinner gathering and couldn’t figure out how to handle it. So he dialed The Truth. Here’s the situation: My friend, who I’ll call Poughkeepsie Bill, was at a restaurant with 15 people, only a few of whom … Read more

Another Cutters Miracle

Today I went in for my third haircut at Cutters & Co (previously reviewed here). After Angie put the warm washcloth on my face and shampooed and massaged my hair, she sat me up and said, “Do you mind if I trim your eyebrows?” A fair question. My eyebrows are somewhat unruly. They’ve been known … Read more