Another Cutters Miracle

Today I went in for my third haircut at Cutters & Co (previously reviewed here). After Angie put the warm washcloth on my face and shampooed and massaged my hair, she sat me up and said, “Do you mind if I trim your eyebrows?”

A fair question. My eyebrows are somewhat unruly. They’ve been known to throw back one beer too many in their day, and they do a bit of pushing and shoving in crowds. I’ve tried to keep them under control, but what can a man do? Only so much. Eyebrows will be eyebrows.

I expected some elaborate procedure requiring razor blades, multiple mirrors, and some sort of harness, but all Angie did was run a comb through my eyebrows and trim the lengthy hairs down to a reasonable length. In essence, she just thinned out the whole production. And I’m better for it.

Don’t try this at home the first time—get a professional to do it. But when ‘brows get out of hand next time, I’m confident I’ll be able to take them down a notch. Eyebrows need that kind of discipline.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m actually working with the owner of Cutters now to write the monthly newsletter and aid the development of a social network built around the barbershop, just like the good old days. Although Cutters is currently in an “open enrollment” period, it will soon be the only by-invite-only barbershop in St. Louis. If you live in St. Louis and want in, let me know. The first haircut’s only $10 (it’s $20 after that, $15 for students)—it’s worth it.

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  1. Jamey. As a woman who knows a thing or two about eyebrows, let me strongly caution you against trying to “take [your eyebrows] down a notch” too quickly. Have a professional do it a few more times and really pay attention to what he/she does.

    As any woman can tell you, one wrong move can really change the shape of your eyebrows, thereby the look of your whole face. Ever wonder why some women shape their eyebrows to be disgustingly pencil thin? It’s because they tweezed too liberally and now they don’t know how to go back.

  2. Uh, how do I put this…..I can no longer distinguish between what is real and what you’re making up on this blog. I’m pretty sure you actually got your eyebrows cut, but I’m not positive. I also think you’re kidding about the newsletter, but I’m also not positive. I DO believe, however, that you’re thinking about cutting your own eyebrows, which is a very, very bad idea.



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