Misguided Advertising Campaigns

Today I was driving on the highway when I noticed I truck next to me with a peculiar logo. It was a truck owned by Shermann-Williams, the paint company, and this was the logo:

“Cover the Earth?” Probably tens of thousands of dollars spent on an advertising that would represent the company image, and they came up with “Cover the Earth?” The logo and slogan make it seems like Shermann-Williams’ main objective is to drown the earth in goopy, oily paint. And why red paint? It seriously looks like blood. “Shermann-Williams: Let the Streets Run Red with Blood.”

I looked up the advertising company that came up with this slogan, and they had the following (suspiciously similar) slogans for these companies:

Salt the Earth (Morton Salt)

Soil the Earth (Toto Toilets)

Scorch the Earth (Tiki Torch)

Ignite the Skies (Wolf Pack Fireworks)

Stain the Seas (Exxon-Valdez)

I think those companies need to find better representation.

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