Potent Quotables

Okay, I have to share this. Plus I’m lazy and don’t feel like writing much tonight. This little bit from the August issue of GQ made me laugh outloud. It’s from an interview with Russell Brand, the English actor who played the titular character’s wacky new boyfriend in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The Funniest Word: “It’s … Read more

Every Idiot Has a T-Shirt Idea

I wanted a Kelly green shirt. That’s the premise. Does every Kelly green shirt need to be about incest? Not necessarily. But I liked the rhyme, and the premise made me laugh. So I hopped on over to https://www.yours2wear.com/ and put together this little ditty. The one thing I have yet to figure out is … Read more

Mad Men

I can’t take it anymore. I have to write about this show. Honestly, I wish I could talk like the men on Mad Men. They’re advertising executives, many of them (“mad men” is a combination of “ad men” and “Madison-Avenue men”), so they’re supposed to know how to use words well, but the writers of … Read more

The Urine-Mobile

I’ve done it. I’ve invented a fuel-less, emissions free car that will run for thousands of miles without needing to stop. Not even for a bathroom break. Okay, to clarify: I haven’t invented this car. But I thought of it, and I’m going to devote the rest of this evening to figuring out the complex … Read more

The Capitalist and the Bags

Yesterday I went to checkout at Straub’s, a local grocer, and realized I had forgotten my canvas bags in the car. I didn’t have much—a steak, two boxes of mac and cheese (Caroline had a craving), tikka masala simmer sauce, and a bottle of club soda—so I told the bagger that I’d carry everything to … Read more

The Rum Jumbley

I’m a beer drinker, plain and simple. Wasn’t always that way, but now when I want to have a drink, a beer is the object of my desire. However, every once in a while I desire a beverage that’s sweet, fruity, and refreshing (see Georgia Peach). This proved to be the case at the beach … Read more

The Truth About the Olympics

I haven’t written anything about the Olympics so far. Not that you’re for lack of content on the web about the worldwide games. Michael Phelps’ face is plastered on every major website, and there are constant updates and speculations about the events going on. I try not to get into the Olympics primarily because it’s … Read more