How to Pick Up a Girl Without Really Trying

The story I have to tell is actually about how a girl I don’t know picked up a guy I do know without really trying (not that girls have to try all that hard…but this girl took the easiest route possible), but the lesson to be learned is how to reverse this technique so that shy guys can use it on cute girls. At least, that’s the theory.

So a friend of mine, I’ll call him Chuck, walked out of his apartment building the other day and found a note on his windshield. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like, “I’m not sure if you like the Cardinals, but if you do, wanna watch the game with me on Sunday?” followed by a phone number.

Of course, the first thing a guy thinks when something like this happens is, “Did a girl write this?” Chuck checked the handwriting, and he was pretty sure it was that of a girl’s. So he called the number and agreed to meet up with this girl for a drink.

The amazing thing about this is that the girl had never met Chuck before. She merely saw him while looking out of her friend’s apartment, identified his car, and left a note on it when he wasn’t around. A brazen move, you might think, but really, it’s the least risky move ever. For all Chuck knows, she could be leaving similar notes on windshield wipers all over the city (but to Chuck’s credit, that’s not the case).

That leads us to the lesson for shy guys: What do you have to lose by doing something like this? Absolutely nothing. If there’s a cute girl in your building (or even better, in a friend’s building, so you don’t have the awkward history seeing the girl in your building but not saying anything) that you’ve never had the guts to talk to, leave her a note on her windshield. If she calls, you get your chance to be yourself and see if there’s a connection. If she doesn’t, you don’t lose anything, and you might still talk to her in real life as well. It’s like the of windshields.

Even better, if you’re a guy without many standards, leave a bunch of notes. Fill out 20 notecards with the same line and leave them on Jettas and Rav4s all across the city. Maybe you’ll get some bites. And sure, there are better openers and better ways to project self-confidence, but what do you have to lose?

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  1. NQL says:

    Sure. A guy can leave notes on a girl’s windshield. But what girl is going to call an anonymous number? He could be a serial killer, or a creep, or any other sort of dangerous being. A guy calling an anonymous girl? It’s a double standard, maybe, but it’s just a little safer…

    – Neeraja

  2. aquavator says:

    I think I have to agree with the Neerj on this one. Even as a man, an anonymous note in “a girl’s handwriting” would be a little weird for me. I had a girl I worked with leave a note with her number on it in my desk once and it was cute, but I’m not sure I would respond if I didn’t at least know what the note-writer looked like.

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