The Rum Jumbley

I’m a beer drinker, plain and simple. Wasn’t always that way, but now when I want to have a drink, a beer is the object of my desire.

However, every once in a while I desire a beverage that’s sweet, fruity, and refreshing (see Georgia Peach). This proved to be the case at the beach two weeks ago. You come in from hours in the sun and the pool and you want something to perk you up a bit. A beer might put you to sleep in these circumstances. No, you need something refreshing.

You need a rumbley sour.

My cousins were making them, and I was throwing them back like lemonade (a significant ingredient in a rumbley sour). They were really good—the perfect mix of cool, refreshing, and passionately (that’s a shout out to The Office, the chair model episode). I got a little drunk on them and started calling them “rum jumblies,” even though there’s no rum in them. That I figured out, but I never quite learned how to make them.

So the other day I arrived early to a Carmine’s Steak House in St. Louis and decided to get a drink at the bar. It was pretty hot out, so I decided to order a rumbley sour. The bar tender looked at my like I was speaking Tajikistanian. I repeated it—it didn’t ring a bell with her. She asked another bartender. Never heard of it. So I told her what I thought was in it—lemonade, whiskey, and beer—and asked her to give it a try.

She was very sweet, and did her very best. She even “made” lemonade by squeezing a lemon into sugar water. I tipped her well, but to tell the truth, it was not good. It just tasted like whiskey. I slurped it down and tried not to think about it.

So when I got home, I e-mailed a family member and asked for the recipe. I’ll list it below. Let me warn you, it’s not far off from what I listed above, and thus it’s a little weird. Beer and whiskey, together in the same glass? Seems like a bad idea. But it’s actually really, really good. Just don’t try to order it in a bar. In fact, don’t try to make just one. Stick with the recipe.

Rumbley Sour

1 12oz can frozen lemonade
2 12 oz cans domestic beer (Bud, Miller, etc. – stronger beers tend to overpower the lemonade taste)
12 oz. whiskey (use lemonade can to measure) You can use less whiskey if desired.

Pour all ingredients into pitcher (or blender). Add ice, stir, drink up, kick back, relax.

Give it a try. You’ll feel like you’re at the beach.

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  1. I’m normally extremely wary of your cocktail choices, Jamey, but that one sounds pretty good. I’ll have to give it a try.

    It just tasted like whiskey.

    And why is this a bad thing? I was drinking straight Windsor all weekend. Nothing like a cheap Canadian whiskey.


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