The Last Person on Earth

Even though you’ve probably never had this said to you, you’ve heard the expression, “I wouldn’t do X with you if you were the last person on earth” (X usually being some sort of sexual act or light petting). Let’s have X stand for “kiss” for the sake of this blog entry. I wouldn’t kiss … Read more

The Movie I'm Most Looking Forward to This Year

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I had heard about this movie but didn’t know it would end up looking like such a wonderful, transporting fairytale. Wow this looks amazing. Watch Trailer 2. This is going to be a heartbreaking masterpiece.

The Toilet Police Story

I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of living in Japan on three separate occasions: Twice in high school for summer-vacation homestays in Hiroshima, and once in college for my junior year in an apartment in Kyoto. I kept extensive journals of my time over there, and I sent the majority of the content of … Read more


I’m going to keep this short since I’m sleepy. Fringe is an awesome, cool new show in the same vein as X-Files…weird phenomenon being investigated by a small team of individuals, several of whom may become romantically involved at some point. It’s fresh, it’s well written, and it’s a little creepy and scary. My one … Read more

Kings of Leon

I mentioned the other day that the Kings of Leon are about to be huge. Maybe they already are huge; I’m really not the one to ask (as seen by my recent discovery of Led Zeppelin). But I think the time is now for the Kings. One, they just appeared on SNL. Two, they released … Read more

The Naked Contest

A friend of mine told me the other day that he once participated in a naked contest with a few people. At first I thought, “Why were you hanging out with a bunch of naked people?”, but that’s not what he was saying. The contest was that these people, in their separate apartments and homes, … Read more


I have a bone to pick with some people who post videos on YouTube. Sometimes I go on YouTube to look at sports highlight videos of my favorite athletes or teams. I’ll search for “Beckham free kicks” or “Ozzie Smith defensive plays.” But I don’t always get what I’m looking for. Yesterday I went on … Read more

Hole in the Wall

A friend of mine called me the other night in dismay about this television show he was trying not to watch. Hole in the Wall, it’s called. Basically, a large foam wall with interesting shapes cut out of it moves towards you and your teammates, and you have to conform to the holes so you … Read more