Don’t go to the real That site sells some sort of phone service, which is a waste of a perfectly decent URL. My idea, below, is much better.

The other day a friend contacted me to tell me that one of my favorite recently-discovered bands, Kings of Leon (upcoming entry on them next week—watch for them on SNL this Saturday), was performing at The Pageant in St. Louis on November 3. (By the way, it totally just hit me that the next day is Election Day. Not the best scheduling. They should probably move the election up a few days.)

I was completely surprised. I had no idea they were coming. In fact, I didn’t know that the Kings of Leon were dropping a new album. Who knows this stuff? Probably hipsters and MySpacers. I fall into neither of those categories.

What I could do is frequently visit all of my favorite bands’ websites and try to stay on top of new albums and tours. But I’m not going to do that. Too much to remember, too many Outlook reminders. What I am going to do is suggest that someone buy out and do the following:

Make a website where you type in your e-mail address and zip code and select from a list of all bands (yeah, it would be a long list). Once you populate the list, you click a button, and you’re done. From then on, you’ll receive one e-mail a month that tells you if any of your bands are coming to your city within the next few months and if they’re releasing a new album soon. And that’s it. The website would generate revenue through ads and click-throughs to ticket-buying sites.

Honestly, you could probably even create an application for Facebook, where all of your favorite bands are already listed. Does this already exist? It seems too simple not to exist.

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  1. As somebody who likes many bands and wants to know when they release new albums and come to town, I may be able to help you out. It does take a little work, though, as there is no one-stop site like what you’re suggesting. I generally get my information from a number of sources. One is to read music sites. For example, I look at Pitchfork Media a few times a week for album reviews and news on new releases. I sometimes use to search for concerts by city. There are numerous local blogs that keep concert calendars as well. I also check my favorite venues’ websites (like the Pageant’s) frequently to see who will be playing there, and use the local free arts/entertainment paper (the RFT, in your case) to check venues and schedules. I learn about a lot of stuff through word of mouth as well. And when I hear about something, I write it down on my own calendar.

    Also, Facebook has a music application called iLike that will (usually) notify you when an artist you’ve chosen as a favorite is coming to town. And just doing a search for “concert calendar” on Google showed me this site, which could be similar to what you’re looking for, although I haven’t tried it.


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