I’m going to keep this short since I’m sleepy. Fringe is an awesome, cool new show in the same vein as X-Files…weird phenomenon being investigated by a small team of individuals, several of whom may become romantically involved at some point. It’s fresh, it’s well written, and it’s a little creepy and scary.

My one complaint so far is the abundance of pointless chase scenes (good guys chasing bad guys). Chase scenes generally have two results: they catch the guy, or they don’t catch the guy. Both are effective only if the chase itself is riveting. It’s not good enough to flash back and forth between two people running or two people driving. That adds no tension or suspense. It’s here—and pretty much only here—that Fringe is lazy.

I would love to see a chase scene in a movie or television show where it’s an overhead shot of two people running or driving. The shot would move with the chase, and it would be in real time. No cutting to people’s faces. I know what a running face looks like. That adds nothing to the scene. Show me how hard the chase is, how desperately the person is trying to get away. And show me how close it is. In lazy chase scenes, the two people appear to be very close at times, and then suddenly one has put 50 yards between him and the other person. A single overhead shot would eliminate any of those doubts and add a huge amount of tension and realism to the scene. Has this ever been done in a movie?

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