Hole in the Wall

A friend of mine called me the other night in dismay about this television show he was trying not to watch. Hole in the Wall, it’s called. Basically, a large foam wall with interesting shapes cut out of it moves towards you and your teammates, and you have to conform to the holes so you pass through the wall. Otherwise you get knocked into the water. My friend thought it was the stupidest thing he’s ever seen (although conceded that the origin of the show, a similar Japanese game show, was funny).

My proposal was that Hole in the Wall would be better if combined with other shows or programs where a wall has no business moving. For example, Real World: Hole in the Wall. It’s just seven 20-somethings trying to live together and keep it “real,” and every once in a while, the wall starts moving toward them while they’re trying to hook up and they get knocked into the pool if them don’t shape their bodies correctly. Get the idea? Below is my top ten list of shows that should add a moving, foam wall with holes cut out of it.

10. The Hills

9. Hannah Montana

8. The U.S. Open (tennis)

7. American Idol

6. Law & Order: SVU (Ice-T’s reaction to the wall would be precious every time)

5. All local news shows

4. Iron Chef

3. The Biggest Loser

2. Dateline: To Catch a Predator

1. The Presidential Debates

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