My Brilliant Ideas: Putting Lenses

I don’t condone cheating at anything, including sports. The whole steroids thing is kind of disgusting to me…I mean, we want to see athletes do incredible things on the field, but we want to see them do those things naturally. This people are blessed with near-supernatural strength, speed, and dexterity—is that amazing enough?

The idea I’m about to discuss is a technological advance that could easily exist in the not-so-distant future. I’m not encouraging golfers to try this, but it sure would be interesting to see someone try.

Basically, the idea is a contact lens that reads the putting green and shows you the exact path that you need to guide the ball on, including speed. That’s a lot of computations; you’d probably need a secondary device located somewhere else on your outfit—maybe in your hat or shirt, or the putter itself.

However, the key is the lens itself. It would show you a dotted line along which you need to hit the ball. If you trained yourself to hit along that line, you’d sink every putt.

Granted, you still have to be able to hit the ball correctly, not to mention get it to the green in the first place, so this isn’t all-out cheating. However, it would be a huge advantage over other players. And it would actually be quite difficult to spot if no one knew about the device—I’m sure tons of golfers wear contact lenses. I mean, you could even put it in their sunglasses, if they’re allowed to wear those.

I don’t encourage cheating. But you have to admit that this would be a pretty cool device to have around.

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