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After yesterday’s blog blackout in honor of 9/11, the Truth is back with completely inconsequential entry. I read about a new website today called Please Dress Me that allows you to search for a specific t-shirt among the myriad of t-shirt websites out there. If you see someone walking down the sidewalk wearing an “Incest Free Since ‘93” shirt, you can search for “incest” on Please Dress Me and find the shirt (except not that shirt. That’s a Stegmaier special).

I like the concept. In practice, the site seems very good at not just searching for words on shirts, but pictures as well (type in “fire” to search for a “Friends don’t let friends pee on forest fires” shirt and you’ll get a bunch of shirts with flames on them). I don’t know who wants to wear a shirt with a campfire on it, but I’m sure there’s a niche market out there among smores lovers.

Also, what’s with the recent proliferation of long-sleeve t-shirts with weird, random designs on them? I can’t find an example of one, but they’re otherwise blank t-shirts with swirls and patterns and sometimes wings on one side of the shirt or the front and the back. They have a faded, vintage look, but what made them cool all of a sudden? It seems like it’s the official uniform for dudes at bars recently. (If anyone knows the name of these shirts, please post a comment.)

Regardless, Please Dress Me is pretty cool. Like the airfare search site, the site consolidates data in a clean, easy-to-search format. I can respect that.

PS. I’m loving Google Reader. I love that I can read a blog entry at work and when I get home, it doesn’t look like I haven’t read that entry yet.

PPS. ESPN’s TMQ is back. Check it out on Tuesdays if you like acronyms.

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