The Best Restaurant in St. Louis

The best restaurant in St. Louis is Iron Barley.

That’s all I really need to write. It’s one of those places that you have to try for yourself, and you’ll never want to eat anywhere else.

Iron Barley’s secret is the smoked flavor infused into almost all of their meats. It’s this rich, heavenly flavor that dances on your tongue and ravishes your senses. It’s the breath of angels.

I’ve eaten at Iron Barley a number of times and never been disappointed. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I went this past weekend, and their prime rib—that which I craved—was still in the smoker, so it wasn’t available. I got my fish staple, the trout, which actually swims straight up the Mississippi and jumps into the Iron Barley smoker. True story.

But if you want a great steak, get the special cut prime rib. It’s a huge chunk of meat for only $13.00, and you’ll have some leftover for lunch the next day (I like to stir it into veggie soup—the smoky flavor dissipates in the broth). I’ve also had the salmon, the Delmonico steak, and the strip sirloin. All are excellent.

No entrée is priced above $18, but if you’re feeling like taking it easy on your wallet, the sandwiches are safe choices. I’d go with the roasted chicken or the reuben.

For appetizer, I’d recommend the bacon-wrapped shrimp. I dream about this appetizer. Crazy dreams where shrimp fry bacon in a pan, wrap the juicy pork around their shrimp shoulders like meat scarves, and dance their way into my mouth. I also once had a gumbo soup that rocked my world. A good staple for a hungry group is the cheese appetizer—they call it a “special,” but it’s always available.

I wish I could recommend a dessert, but honestly, I’ve never gotten that far. And this is a place that I go every few months. There’s just no room for dessert.

Oh, and to top it all off, the beer selection is extensive and excellent. Nothing like complimenting a juicy steak with a cool beer.

There you have it. The best restaurant in St. Louis. Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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  1. As much as I’m worried your promotion and my agreement with it will lead to a spike in popularity, and thus crowdedness, there, I must wholey agree with your assessment of Iron Barley. Best food I’ve had in St. Louis, and great beer to boot (but not served in a boot).


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