I have a bone to pick with some people who post videos on YouTube. Sometimes I go on YouTube to look at sports highlight videos of my favorite athletes or teams. I’ll search for “Beckham free kicks” or “Ozzie Smith defensive plays.” But I don’t always get what I’m looking for.

Yesterday I went on and searched for “Jerry Rice best catches.” The first “video” clip I played was just a bunch of photos of Jerry Rice with some background music (what’s up with the music, by the way? To get me in the mood for watching a PowerPoint presentation?). The second was no different. Photos, no video. Finally I found a few videos of Jerry Rice highlights, but there weren’t many on there.

If I wanted photos, I would have Google Imaged Jerry Rice. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I think it’s obvious that I go to YouTube for videos. Not slideshows of photos. So who’s out there posting slideshows on that site? Don’t you know that you’re just disappointing people who think they’re about to watch a highlight reel? Is there anyone who’s actually hoping to get a slideshow?

On a high note, a friend of mine contacted me in response to my blog idea about a single website that tells you when your favorite bands are coming to town. Per his recommendation, I checked out iConcertCal…and I have to say, it’s even better than my idea. Basically, it’s a free add-on for iTunes that looks at your music collection, pairs it with concert calendars, and provides you with a calendar on iTunes that shows all upcoming concerts. It’s perfect. Highly recommended.

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