The Plant Wrote It

I have a confession to make. After 220 posts on Blogger, it is time that I admit that I am not Jamey Stegmaier. I pulled his profile photo off a clipart site a while back. I’m not him. In fact, I’m not even human. I’m a plant. Specifically, a sweetheart plant (named for my heart-shaped … Read more

How Harry Potter Reads the News

In the Harry Potter books and movies, the newspapers of the wizard world are alive with moving photos and advertisements. The text doesn’t change, but all graphics play like short videos. No longer is this the stuff of fantasy tomes. Today I watched the following video about a new type of e-ink technology (similar to … Read more

Of Mice and Mad Men

I’ve lauded Mad Men in the past, and I just watched the season finale tonight (who knew the Bay of Pigs wasn’t about swimming swines?) Fantastic show. Netflix it ASAP and experience Don Draper yourself. A small sample of what you’re missing was highlighted on SNL this past weekend: 

The Hunt Is Over

The Hunt is officially over. NQL, as she’s known on the boards, correctly figured out the answer. I’ve pasted the deciphered Cluebric below. Thanks for joining in the Hunt for the Truth! Remember that you can only submit one answer. You will only be able to compute that answer after deciphering the clue from the … Read more

The Death Flower Story

I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of living in Japan on three separate occasions: Twice in high school for summer-vacation homestays in Hiroshima, and once in college for my junior year in an apartment in Kyoto. I kept extensive journals of my time over there, and I sent the majority of the content of … Read more

Note about the Hunt for the Truth

For those of you who are not aware, there is a treasure hunt going on within this blog this week. This entry from last Friday describes what is going on. To enter the hunt, you’re going to need the clue rubric that I’ll provide over e-mail. Let’s call it a cluebric. How can you get the cluebric? … Read more