Announcement: The First-Ever Hunt for the Truth Contest

The other day I went through my wallet. It had grown to epic proportions–it had a nearly 2-inch vertical. I decided I needed to do something about it, so I went through the wallet and pulled out all the gift cards I had accumulated over the last year. 6 of them. My wallet fits much better in my pocket now.

What does this have to do with you? Lately I’ve been ruminating some ideas about a treasure hunt on this blog. An online treasure hunt. Honestly, I love treasure hunts. My yet-to-be-finished novel is one long treasure hunt. I love treasure hunt books, treasure hunt movies, and real-life treasure hunts (search on Google for them–they crop up from time to time).

However, you need a legitimate prize to actually get people to participate in a treasure hunt. So I have all these gift cards…to be honest, I don’t know how much they add up to. Somewhere between $30-$50. There’s no catch–these are legitimate, unused Barnes and Noble and Borders gift cards. You can use them online or in the store. You don’t have to be me to use them. I’ll also included a crisp $20 bill, U.S. tender, as part of the grand prize. So the total value of the first-ever Hunt for the Truth treasure hunt is about $60.

There is one self-serving catch: To enter the hunt, you’re going to need the clue rubric that I’ll provide over e-mail. Let’s call it a cluebric. How can you get the cluebric? Send an e-mail to five friends that includes a link to both your favorite entry on this blog (check out the archives if that helps) and a link to this entry. CC me ( on the e-mail so I know you sent it. I promise I won’t use those e-mails in any way.

Once I see that e-mail go out, I’ll send you the cluebric. It will help you figure out the clues that I’ll include in each blog entry I’ll post next week (I usually post around midnight each night, CST, Sunday through Wednesday). It will be impossible to know the final answer to the treasure hunt before the final post on Friday morning, which I will post early in the morning. The first person to send me the final answer–each person gets only one shot at sending it in, and there is only one correct answer–will win the grand prize. The Hunt for the Truth will last only one week. I will announce the correct answer and the winner on the blog as soon as someone sends in the correct answer.

Also, if for some reason you don’t read this post until next Wednesday or Thursday, it’s not too late to get the cluebric. It might take a few minutes to decipher the clues from the previous days, and one clue will lead to another, but you can do them all in a row. It just might be more fun if you start on Sunday and space it out.

Anyone can enter the hunt, and anyone can win. Past and current readers may have a slight advantage over new readers, as some archived entries will come into play, but it’s easy to search blogger and use the archives to level the playing field. Good luck to you all.

(Also, just in case I’ve forgotten anything here, I’ll post a new entry with the additional information.)

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