Dipping Your Pen in the Company Ink

Do you ever think your boss is inept but you can’t talk to anyone at work about for fear it’ll come back around to bite you in the ass? Do you ever hear a rumor about a coworker that you want to share but you take the high road and don’t tell anyone? Have you ever seen a UPS guy or a janitor do something so completely mind-boggling that you have to tell somebody, anybody, but no one’s around?

I want there to be a website for that kind of stuff. More specifically, I want there to be a website where you could go at any time–hence, work-friendly screen that maybe even looks like real work–and write a quick little post venting about your work and blast it to the world. Completely anonymously. Everything would be anonymous. No login, nothing like that. The site would basically just consist of a place to write a venting post–probably with a word limit–and a column of all the other posts people are typing in.
The key is anonymity. We’re so entrenched in sites that call attention to ourselves–Facebook and Myspace aren’t anonymous. Twitter isn’t anonymous. Heck, look at the URL for this blog. You read something here, you know who wrote it.
On this site, no one would know who you were. There’s no risk that some company 15 years down the road will search for your name on Google and see where you blasted a boss or a coworker or an IT guy. We’re already part of an era when potential employers could–and should–search for our names on Google. Either change your name to Michael Smith, or everything you’ve ever done online will be visible and public. It already is.
So the question is, would you post to such a site? Would you be more likely to post to that site if people could respond to your comment (thereby validating your rant)? Would you want to read other posts (i.e., subscribe to an RSS feed)? See surveys on the right.

0 thoughts on “Dipping Your Pen in the Company Ink”

  1. dag, at the start of this post I really thought I was in for some juicy workplace rumors.
    way to disappoint.
    but i voted in your survey anyway.

    p.s. you’re welcome for hit #24


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