The Hunt Is Over

The Hunt is officially over. NQL, as she’s known on the boards, correctly figured out the answer. I’ve pasted the deciphered Cluebric below.

Thanks for joining in the Hunt for the Truth! Remember that you can only submit one answer. You will only be able to compute that answer after deciphering the clue from the Friday morning entry (Friday, October 24). As you can see, there is a separate answer for every day—set each of these numbers aside and keep them in order for the final answer.

Day 1: I mention in this entry that after wearing Under Armour, I look fearless. Even while wearing Under Armour, I’m always going to have a greatest fear. How many eyes are on the photo of my greatest fear in the entry pertaining to that subject? 7

Day 2: Add up all of the numbers mentioned in the entry “Fist Pound Versus High Five” (including the entry subject and set aside the resulting number. If a number—say, five—is mentioned more than once, add them all up. 32

Day 3: In this entry about Japan, I go out of my way to mention the italicization something. How many of those things (full versions of those things, not individual parts like “haya” or “ben”) do I italicize in the entry about my early lunch in Hiroshima? 4

Day 4: In addition to instructing people on how to be attractive runner and how to smell nice, I’ve also taught them how to be highly effective leaders. How many traits do I discuss in my picture-accompanied entry about leadership? 7

Day 5: Stick the number of “o”s in the last two words of this entry onto your list of numbers and then T9 the whole chain. E-mail me the answer and with the grand prize! 3

That’s it for the first Hunt for the Truth Treasure Hunt. Thanks to all who participated, and congrats to NQL. I’ll try another one of these sometime.

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