The Plant Wrote It

I have a confession to make.

After 220 posts on Blogger, it is time that I admit that I am not Jamey Stegmaier. I pulled his profile photo off a clipart site a while back. I’m not him.
In fact, I’m not even human.
I’m a plant.
Specifically, a sweetheart plant (named for my heart-shaped leaves). About a year ago, a Japanese scientist attached sensors to my leaves and attached me to a laptop. That computer translates the electronic signals that glide over the surface of my leaves into modern, everyday English.
Think I’m kidding? Check out the video proof:
(Okay, so this blog isn’t written by a plant, but what if it was? The plant in question actually only writes about the weather and how it “feels,” but still, there’s a plant out there writing a blog. In Japanese, no less. So not only did this plant learn how to type, but it learned how to type in Japanese. That’s no easy feat.)

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  1. so…i thought you were a writer? besides the fact that i now want the minute back in my life that i wasted watching a plant type Japanese, i question your validity as an author espousing Truth against the world when videos take up most of the space on your daily musings. on the other hand, i appreciate mixed media and if you did write obscenely long entries, i would think hmm…i don’t really want to read this. but maybe i just need to give you the benefit of the doubt and pray that a witty remark will surface near the end of a long story/tirade/somewhat novel idea.
    uhhh…i now realize this post is SUPER long, and you may even be reading this anymore. wait. you love to read. clearly you are still reading this. congrats on finishing the longest comment ever to your blog.


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