The Solution to Poverty

Today, as anyone who’s anyone in the blogosphere knows (I just found out about this yesterday by pure chance), is/was Blog Action Day 2008. It’s a day when bloggers across the nation—bloggers who want nothing to do with one another on any other day and who foster feelings of jealously for any more successful bloggers—band together to make a difference in the world. Last year’s theme was peanut butter. This year’s theme is poverty.

I really wish the organizers of this event had contacted me in advance, because I have the solution right here amongst my notes, squeezed between an equation for gum that never loses its flavor or gumminess and a preliminary design for a hat made specifically for cats that I plan on submitting to Feline Project Runway. I’m going to share this solution with you.

The Solution to Poverty: Craigslist’s Free Stuff listing.

Think about it. If there were a Craigslist in Africa, people would have access to so much free stuff! Just looking at the recent free stuff posts in St. Louis, never again would a Botswanan have to go without a pair of women’s size 6.5 Adidas cleats! Never again would a family in Congo withstand another night of heat, not after they pick up their free ceiling fan! Never again would a starving artist in Ethiopia go another day without authentic Ko Chapman BMW art on her walls! (First come first serve, must pick up, today or tomorrow ONLY.)

Craigslist. It’s the solution to poverty.

(On a serious note, I asked our social justice coordinator for a recommendation of an organization that helps fight poverty in St. Louis. She said that the St. Patrick’s Center is a great one-stop shop for all poverty needs in this area. Call them next time you want to give your Ko Chapman art to someone who needs it more than you do.)

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