From the Mailbag: Harry Potter

Question: Why doesn’t Harry Potter just wear contacts? –Suzanne Filmore, Sioux Falls Suzy–Interesting query. Harry does have a distinctive style with those glasses–kind of the foppishly cool look previously perfected by Hugh Grant (also a former Hogwarts student). But do they make sense? Even just a few months into his first year of wizardry, it’s … Read more

From the Mailbag: Men's Shirts

Question: What’s the deal with little plastic inserts in men’s shirt collars? –Bob Z., St. Louis Bob–Good question. Just today I put a nice button-down shirt with two plastic inserts in the wash, and only one of the inserts came out. For balance, I removed the remaining insert. The obvious answer is that the inserts … Read more

Bonus Link

My brother sent me a link to a website I’ve never heard of called Tobacco Avenue. It’s like the Onion, but specifically for Richmond, Virginia (where I’m from). They also apparently have a print version (although, that might be a joke too). I think the cover of this magazine (click on link) is one of … Read more

From the Mailbag: Leo

Question: Are you Leonardo Di Caprio’s long-lost brother? (I watched The Beach last night…ugh.) —NQL NQL: Although Leo is not my long-lost brother, he’s been like a brother to me. In the good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad, I knew I could always call him up and say, “Hey, Leo, … Read more

Pet Peeve of the Hour

The Pet Peeve: When you call ahead to order a pick-up lunch from a nearby restaurant, wait the alloted time before arriving, and the order isn’t ready when you get there. Call me picky, but that’s the kind of thing that makes me not want to patronize that restaurant in the future. Thanks for ruining … Read more

Bicyclists: Share the Road!

When the gas prices skyrocketed this past summer, it seemed like there was a sudden proliferation of bicyclists on the road. I don’t know the rules in other cities, but in St. Louis, you can’t bike on the sidewalk, so the bicyclists were literally on the road. Problem is, American streets aren’t made for bicyclists. In … Read more

Six Packs and Google

As poker started today, I plucked a can of Strongbow cider from the plastic rings that bound it to its kin. I also removed the last can and was about to throw away the rings before I stopped in my tracks. Something programmed into me since I was a kid held me back. “If you … Read more

How to Use My Bathroom

I have a fairly small office with the added bonus of an attached bathroom. It’s straight ahead as you walk into the office–toilet, sink, trashcan, cabinet with odd reading materials on top. The bare essentials. (I want it put on the record that I never read anything while on the toilet, particularly a toilet used … Read more

My Greatest Fear: Part 2

I’ve already discussed my first greatest fear: potato eyes. I haven’t conquered that fear. In fact, at this very moment, there’s a bag of potatoes in my fridge that may or may not be trying to kill me. I don’t know. I’m afraid to touch the bag, lest it reach out and grab me, so … Read more